Connecting Souls Jewelry Collection.

Connecting Souls

A loved ones leather belt created into leather bands and earrings to wear honoring your love for this special person.

Passed Loved ones got me all….

Many times we are given pieces of clothing that once belonged to someone in our life who rock our world or who was a huge influence to our very well being.

And we really miss this person and wish they was still here with us to talk to, to share laughs with, to get that hug we really really need at the moment.

I know how that feels. I have some loved ones who I miss dearly. Pictures are an awesome way to stay connected with the people we miss. BUT. I needed more.

My solution…..

Having a loved ones belt of my own and I can’t wear a men’s leather belt, doesn’t fit. So now what? I knew I didn’t want to just leave the belt in a drawer to be forgotten.


I created an amazing option for those leather belts and purses of our wonderful loved ones. Repurposing these items into wearable jewelry that gives you the sense that they are still with you.


Samples of repurposed belts.

Connecting with your loved one…

I know every time I look down at my bracelet made from my Pop’s belt I can almost hear his voice and feel his presence.

Connecting with your loved one can be the answer you need to heal. What a beautiful way to connect.

Take the step to connect……

Have a leather belt or purse of a loved one you wish to make into memory jewelry? That’s terrific. Fill out the form below to commission me to make those memories for you.


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