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The Process

Jewelry made to fuel your soul and liven your spirit.

Repurposing old leather belts or hand bags into jewelry has been so rewarding. I love to see life brought back into something that is outdated or forgotten but still has years of giving left in them.

Jewelry can be made from your very own lost and forgotten leather belts and handbags or from a special persons leather hand bag or belt. Options are endless really.

Each item is a custom design just for you, making your new jewelry piece(s) uniquely yours.

Maybe you just lost a significant amount of weight and you have a belt that no longer serves you, that belt can be made into jewelry to celebrate your wins and help to remind you that you are Amazing.

Maybe your favorite person is no longer here to celebrate your wins and you happen to have a leather hand bag or belt of theirs just lying around, now these items can become memory jewelry, making the jewelry the bridge between you and your special person….connecting two beautiful souls.

A unique way to CELEBRATE special people in your life.

Many times you acquire items that belongs(ed) to someone in your life who rocks(ed) your world or who is/was a huge influence to your very well being.

I remember when I was a kiddo I was given a couple of my grandmas dresses that she didn’t want anymore and boy did I love dressing up in them. I would pretend I was a great cake baker like grandma (because MY grandma baked the best cakes… moist and yummy). Now I have some of her baking utensils and when I use them I swear I can smell her cakes.

Capture memories like this one with an item of your loved one and good news you don’t have to wait till that special someone is an Angel you can simply ask them if they have an old leather handbag of belt they can part with because you wish to use it to make something special with it (I bet they hand something over right away…..wink, wink.

My solution…..

Two things happened that made this project come to light.

One of my favorite people passed and I miss him dearly, I happened to acquire a couple of his belts and I sat wondering what can I do with these.

As I was pondering ideas.

A friend of mine called and said “I have my dad’s belt and would like you to make earrings or something out of it.”

And that’s when Connecting Souls was created.

She was in tears when I delivered her bracelet and earrings. I could feel the emotions and see how the connection to her dad was going to live on in her new jewelry pieces made from his belt.

That moment as my eyes filled with tears and I watched her place the band around her wrist I knew I needed to do this project as much for me as for you.

before and after shots

A unique way to celebrate a loved one in your life. Jewelry made uniquely for you that you can cherish for years to come.


Fill out form to begin the commission process. I am looking forward to creating your memory piece. Once we’ve decided on a design I will send you a prepaid shipping label for your item(s).

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