Do you make your own jewelry or do you purchase to resell?

I create each design and hand craft it myself. I outsource all metal findings at this time.

Are the painted leather bands water resistant?

Each band is sealed and are water resistant not water proof. Occasional rain will not effect the bracelet design. However, I recommend to avoid as much water/moisture contact as possible to retain the beauty of the bracelet.

Where do you get your stones?

I would LOVE to say I get them from one source but I have not found a source that offers me all the gemstones I enjoy working with. I work with several gem suppliers and I work mostly with suppliers who are in the US who are experts in gem mines throughout the world.

Will the stones really help me?

Gemstones have a certain vibrational frequency and are made of energy just as we are. The Earth is one of the most powerful natural sources of energy that we can harness (the other being the sun) and so the gemstone energy is naturally powerful. Wearing gemstones or using in meditation are ways to benefit from their healing properties. BUT, you have to be open to their healing benefits any doubt with cloud the communication.

What made you want to design jewelry?

Very good question. You can learn more about my story here.