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We are the co-founders of Think Creative Collective. We believe you have dreams worth achieving. We want you to wake up everyday empowered to do what you love. We educate thousands of creative entrepreneurs (just like you) through our 180+ blog posts, free online workshops and the Strategy Academy. We strive to create a path top achieving your goals. and reward yourself with a purposeful and profitable business.

At Think Creative Collective it is so much more than just a cute instagram feed or being popular. We strive to harvest a community built on giving. You can sit with us. We are about helping businesses become brands that make a difference We'll give you the kick in the butt you've been needing to grow your business,simplify and streamline your life.

How do You Give Back?: We've created a group of thousands of creative small business owners from all over the world. It provides a anspace for them to share their wins, ask questions, get feedback and collaborate. We also host webinars that teach various strategies to grow your business online.

Ike and Tash
Ike and Tash
Insta: @intseniors

 Inititally, the street team was created to help support and develop a voice for our brand in the high school senior market, but over time, I realized there was such an opportunity for us to develop it into more for the girls in our city who were seeking community, support and sisterhood.

Over the years, we realized there was a real need for girls to connect with one another, to share the struggles of senior year and to champion one another in partnership with the other caring adults in their life.

I was raised in foster care, and it was my friends, my teachers, and other caring adults in my life that helped me survive the high school experience.

When we started photographing high school seniors, I knew there was great opportunity to use our business to give back and the street team is how we choose to do that every year. 

How do You Give Back?:    About the Street Team

The Ike & Tash Street Team is our COOL& HIP version of a "senior model" program.  We invite young people to not only represent our business but to take ownership of our brand as THEIR own.  We are looking for young people who want to give back, SERVE their communities & are LEADERS at home, in their schools and community.As an Ike & Tash Street Team member high school junior and senior girls have the opportunity to be a part of a sisterhood representing different school's throughout the city, be a part of fun brand photo shoots complete with professional hair, makeup & styling, have opportunities to travel and represent Ike and Tash on the road, to volunteer and serve,  to participate in fun shoot outs around the country and to earn your senior portrait package, while fostering sisterhood and  community with other girls from their community. 

We have been told that the Ike & Tash Street Team is a life-changing experience that girls never forget.  Many of our girls and their parents have said that it was the highlight of their senior year.

" Being on the Street Team was one of the most special things I was a part of this past year.  Senior year hadn't exactly been easy on me, but your presence, the street team, the photoshoots - all of it gave me something to look forward to.  I now have so many wonderful memories that I can always hold on to - and its thanks to something you let me be a part of.  Believe me when I say that you are creating a legacy.  Ike and Tash is powerful, and so are you!"


FullSizeRender 2245.jpg

Growing up in the hustle and bustle of the dot com era in Silicon Valley, California, I have had a lifelong love affair with marketing. Being raised by small business owners gave me insight into the world of business and a affinity for marketing strategy.

My passion for marketing and business strategy has only grown since childhood and led me to earn 2 degrees in marketing. It is this passion that drove me to start Speakeasy Market Strategies. Through the creation of this company, I am able to follow my dream of helping small business owners reach their customers through comprehensive marketing strategies to take them to the next level.

How do You Give Back?: For me, I donate my services monthly to a local non-profit, Food on the Move assisting with their social media management and on site live event marketing.


Alex Estes
Prairie Letter Shop

Prairie Letter Shop is a calligraphy and lettering studio based in the heartland. We love creating hand-painted wedding stationery, inspirational gift items, and resources for aspiring letterers. A former teacher, Alex loves her role as a workshop teacher the most.

How do You Give Back?: My life has been changed because of partnerships with other creatives. Whenever I can, I aim to lift up others around me--in the same way that other creatives have invested in me!


Merrissa Palmer
Rad Maverix

I'm Merrissa, a designer and Lifestyle/Confidence Coach who shares my passion for radical living. Through my line of custom tees I blend soulful style with sassy southern confidence. On the Rad Maverix blog, I share content that encourages confidence, inspires connections, and leaves women empowered to achieve their wildest + bravest dreams. I believe looking great is exciting, but feeling great is essential. I'm here to cheer you on in all things health, style, fashion and hustle — whether you’re in a 9-5, rocking a solo business, or a little bit of both. I feature interviews with boss women, healthy recipes and routines, and tips for designing a rad life. In the shop, you can find original tees and tanks that help declare who you are and the kind of mark you’re meant to make on the world.

How do You Give Back?: I founded the Rad Warriors Support Mission. A fundraising campaign that provides care packages for our troops serving overseas. I donate a percentage of Rad Maverix sales and then ask local businesses to match my contributions. Last year we sent over 20 care packages to Kabul, Afghanistan, that provided basic necessities like deodorant, razors, clean shirts, tooth brushes and so much more. I wholeheartedly believe our troops deserve the utmost respect + dignity while fighting for our freedom. Without them, I would not have been able to create my business and do what I love on a daily basis.

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Michelle Nace
Michelle Nace
Insta: @michellenance

I am a personal wardrobe stylist + style educator. I help people define their personal style and achieve more clarity in their closets. I am passionate about minimalism, inspiring self confidence, and encouraging people to find their best selves through great style. I am constantly inspired by the amazing and talented people that are pursuing their goals and dreams. I believe great style is for anyone who is willing to be intentional about it and I wholeheartedly believe it can take your brand and business to the next level.

How do You Give Back?: I donate unwanted items from closet clean outs to local organizations.

I've always been creative, but discovered string art and macrame back in the Fall of 2015. I began selling on etsy in order to make money doing something I actually enjoy while also being able to spend more time at home with my kids

How do You Give Back?: I donate pieces regularly to silent auctions benefitting youth missions to local churches as well as to YoungLives, an outreach to teenage mothers.

I truly have a passion for helping people. Right now I work full time in the Public Transportation industry, which helps move people through our city of Tulsa. I also own a business called Shine Bright Social where I work with small business to help build relationships with their customers with social media management. I want to be able to use my passion for marketing and social media to help small business grow their business. While also feeding my passion for creativity and assisting others to reach the top.

How do You Give Back?: I volunteer with a friend to play bingo with the kids at St. Francis children's hospital and I assist with my daughter's softball team. I am always looking of ways I can give back within my crazy busy schedule. 

Brittany Lenise Coswell
City Style Britt
Insta: @citystylebritt

I am the Founder + LifeStyle Blogger of my blog platform to share the art of my personal style, beauty obsessions, city life adventures, as well as expressing my faith in the power of love. I love being able to inspire others, uplift, and connect my followers to great brands to shop, places to go, and to simply enjoy life!

My personal style is mainly what leads my inspiration in all that I do. It drives my creativity in my content and helps me to find the beauty in so many things-it's who I am. For example, when I travel I often visualize my personal style in the places I am traveling to- mixed with the scenery and the culture...this often tells a story. I love when people ask me questions about outfits tips or places to shop-it keeps me going and makes me so happy to know that people look to me for advice in what I love!

How do You Give Back?: I love being a mentor and sharing what I know, whether it be in the fashion industry or in life-it fills me up to be able to help someone's perspective and to push them towards greatness!

Stacy Jacob
Stacy Jacob Photography
Insta: @stacy_jacob

To me, photographs are about preserving a time we never want to forget. Something that changed, blossomed, made us stronger, made us happy, came into our lives, or something we may be losing or leaving behind. I am honored to be a part of something that is so important to someone and that they will treasure for years to come.

Sometimes I still can't believe that something I create gets to have a place of honor on someone's wall or coffee table. I get to make something they value enough to gift it to others. And I get to do something that brings joy to countless people. I never knew the path of my life would lead me here, but I truly feel I'm right where I belong.

How do You Give Back?: I love looking back and knowing the exact day I became a photographer. I didn't grow into it, or evolve into it, I leapt into it on a sunny, beautiful morning in May 2010. With an open heart and no idea what lie ahead, Turning Heads ( was born that day. I was a girl with a camera and no idea how to use it but I wanted to do a photo shoot for my dear friend, Debbie, who had recently lost her hair to cancer. From the moment we shaved that last bit of fuzz from her head weeks earlier I thought she was more beautiful than ever. It was as if I saw "more" of her beauty than ever before and I wanted to capture that and preserve it forever.

Debbie, gratefully, recovered from her Non-Hodkins Lymphoma. We started to provide complimentary photo sessions for others who had lost their hair to cancer and word quickly grew in our area. With our all volunteer team of me as a photographer, Debbie as a stylist and a makeup artist, we provide an experience that is fun, uplifting and exciting. Our "supermodels", as we call them, were finding that they had a new perception of what it means to lose your hair with chemotherapy. Both men and women would come in embarrassed and often ashamed and leave a few hours later feeling like a sexy rock star and sending us selfies of their gorgeous bald heads. With their renewed self-esteem and acceptance, we found that we were "changing minds and changing lives".

Today I find my photography of high school seniors is most like the Turning Heads photography that drew me in in the first place. I get to give them an experience like no other, where they feel like a supermodel for the day. At the end they not only have photos to look back on, but those photos will always be viewed with a memory of a day where they felt so special, loved and pampered. I see again and again how the experience changes their perception of themselves, their confidence and their self-esteem. It's a gift for me to get to be a small part of that.

Haley Burkhead
Market Beautifully
Insta: @marketbeautifully

I'm Haley and I'm obsessed with encouraging your goals to be bigger, creating strategies to where your dreams can happen and showing you how to market as beautifully as possible in the business world. I'm a fan of ladies who are entrepreneurs at their core and believe that we will make a difference together.

How do You Give Back?: I plan on giving a portion of my first launch of the Journey Driven Funnel program to women who have been domestically abused, a charity so very close to my heart. I can't wait to start setting up this new aspect of my business in 2017!

Nicki Nysven
Nicki Lenore
Insta: nickilenore

Creator, Self-Care, Inspire, Awareness, Mom & Wife. Painting is my Passion. Turning Negatives Into Positives. Lyme Disease Awareness

How do You Give Back? I spread Lyme disease awareness to help educate others to teach them about the disease and prevention.