I’ve always loved my jewelry to be earthy and fun, check out some of my favorite designs below. You will find my designs give you a sense of connection whether it be with Mother Earth, the Moon or a connection between your soul and your deepest desires. When you wear The Onyx Feather jewelry you will feel inspired to pause, take a deep breath in and smile because….. Babe you are alive and are an amazing human. You have walked through the gates of Hell and came out on the other side stronger, more resilient and more determined to make sh*t happen. WE are spirit animals. XOXO


The Onyx Feather designs are created to empower your soul and fuel your spirit. Here at The Onyx Feather we are focused on empowering others and finding natural ways to heal our body and soul. 


This is what one of my favorite fans says about The Onyx Feather……….

Let the jewelry you wear come upon your body as memories of the people and places you love....
— Sophie Genevieve - INT Street Team

Blog Knowledge Bombs

I'm a coffee crazy earth child who loves to step in and help others. You’ll read all about my own life struggles and what inspires me to design. You'll also be showered with all sorts of useful or useless information depending on the day....topic….or how much wine I’ve consumed.

Shop talk is always about empowering others and taking another sisters hand and standing next to her as she walks through her muck and rises above it all like a Lotus Flower “Beautiful and Anew” So........Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and dive in.

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Virtual Coffee/Wine Chat

Hi Babes, are you tired of being surrounded with all the chatter. All you really want to do it not get out of your PJ’s or brush your hair. But. You would love to chill and chat about your journey and what inspires you. You have ideas about xyz and want to run it by someone outside your normal group of peeps.

I love hashing out all the things and it helps me get inspired to do better and be better, so Babe jump on a virtual chat with me and let’s hash out your ideas, your struggles, or simply just let the convo go where it needs ……all you need is your fav beverage and a comfy chair.

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Connecting Souls

Missing loved ones is hard sometimes….well heck most of the time. There are times when a smell triggers memories of those we love and miss.

I’ve had my share of loss and boy it is hard. So when I was able to not cry at the drop of a hat I decided to take the moment and make it a happy memory.

I took my Pop’s leather belt and made myself and several other family member bracelets and earrings. Now when I wear my jewelry that I made from his belt I am comforted that he is near and it always puts a smile on my face.

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