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Have you ever had a day when getting out of bed was a struggle? Or how about trying to stretch 20 bucks to feed yourself and your kid(s)? I sure have.  As a single mom found myself faced time and time again with having to choose between a few boxes of mac and cheese or a package of toilet paper. I bet at some point you have been faced with this decision too.

Struggles like these are just one part of your story. It’s what you do with these experiences that matter. You can allow it to keep you on the struggle bus or you can make a plan to get you off of that damn bus.

I began designing jewelry at a time in my life that the struggle was so real. “Not mac and cheese vs toilet paper real” like early on. But REAL. I was at my lowest low. Depression had set in. Days and nights blurred together. I was overwhelmed with the darkness, forgetting to have gratitude for all of the wonderful things I had going on in my life.

I had to make a decision.: stay in this funk or get out of it. You might be able to relate. Using my creativity helped me through this difficult time so as I was creating my business I knew I wanted it to be more that just a jewelry business.

The jewelry had to mean something to the person wearing it.

My jewelry is a talisman to give you inspiration and encouragement to make each day a new day to see the light instead of the darkness. I want you to be reminded of your strengths and your fierceness to rise above the circumstances that are weighing you down.

My biggest dream is that my designs encourage you through the changes in your journey and to remind you of your accomplishments and for you to have the mindset to begin nourishing and reconnecting with your soul. Each day is a day to learn, grow and love.

Each of us have our own story. Our stories are the backbone to our determination to make the changes needed to have the life we are meant to have.

You’re probably wondering why I would want to help support you (a total stranger) through your life journey.

Well babe, when I was at my lowest low and feeling alone I relied on the support of others whether it be a shoulder to lean on or words of encouragement. I needed someone else to remind me that even through the darkness there is light. I welcomed the reminders of the good things that I have accomplished. 

Through my designs and sharing tidbits of my story I wish for you to find comfort and hope that YOU are not alone and that YOU can and will make it through the darkness.

Being a human is hard and I’m here for you. I created a private FB group where a sisterhood can be grown from women like you and me. We are in this together. Join Spirited Sisters here.

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She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.
— Atticus

Through my designs I desire to empower women and to encourage them to be brave and fierce. To fight for their dreams. Through my passion to create and learning to let go….. I am now a STRONGBRAVE. FIERCE. and RESILIENT woman.

I would love to share with you mantras I use daily to nourish my soul and improve my mindset. Sign up to get a new mantra every month. Enjoy!

xoxo Tisa