Painting is good for your SOUL.

Lovin on your SOUL is a must and I know how expressing myself through my art makes me feel at peace. I love how I can get lost in my designs and FORGET about all the things that bring on stress and frustration. 

Drop what you're doing. Leave the chaos of life at the back door. Open your heart, reach deep into your soul and apply it to your canvas. See the magic unfold.

Never painted a day in your life....well maybe your toes nails which is pretty much just a wee smaller canvas than the one you'll be painting on in class. See there you already are an artist.

How this party works is you invite your gal-friends over for a fun filled, laugh till you pee your pants, creative soul unveiled p-ARTY.

This is not your average "home" party...... this p-ARTY is totes the bees knees when it comes to parties. First, it's not a party to "meet up" with somebody you don't know or hide in the corner hoping no one will notice you. Nope. Second, this party has wine....oh,  maybe that part isn't so unique. But, the part where there's wine and paint and creativity soaring is where the bees knees comes in.


This is how this fabulous p-ARTY works:

You call up 8-10 of your favorite Imperfect Soul Sisters (ISS) tell them their life is about to change forever (duuuude...there just might be a closet ARTIST in this group and that is most definitely a life changing moment). Seriously, who doesn't want to paint their very own design on a pair of earrings then wear those babes around town showing them off? EVERYBODY does.....right?

Pick a date. I will confirm date with you. Then a $35 deposit is required to hold date (which is credited back to you for your class fee). 

Next you pull out your little black book and start calling your BFFs. After you make the invites and get a firm hellz yeah start planning your snacks (I'm a huge fan of salami, cheese and olives but it's not my p-ARTY it's yours). Class size is min 8 and max 10. So no less than 8 and no more than 10, more than 10 ISS then there's way too much estrogen in the room and then the shit gets way too crazy....wink. wink.

You gather up these beautiful soul's email addresses and I'll send each of them a link to pay for their spot or if you're a super cool hostess and want to cover all the fees (like if it's someones birthday......) I'll send only you a link to pay. Cost is $35 for each ISS. Classes must be paid one (1) week prior to p-ARTY. 

Following me so far.

You pick a date. I confirm. You call your BFFs. Get a firm hellz yeah. You gather their email addresses or just yours. I send link for them to pay. You plan your snacks.

...and that's not all.

I bring all supplies except aprons. If you or your guest feel they may be messy painters I suggest (not to get all dolled up) to wear something that wouldn't end their world if it got paint on it. I also bring. Are you ready for this part. Drum roll please. One bottle of red. One bottle of white. If you and your soul sisters like heavy pours you might want to pick up a couple more bottles. Oh yeah, I also absolutely LOVE brownies... just throwing that out there.

Here's a few ideas for an Imperfect Soul Painting p-ARTY: Girls Night Out, Birthday, Graduation, Retirement, Bridemaids......or just because. 

Areas me and my paint brushes travel to

Areas me and my paint brushes travel to

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Please send the following information: The number attending. Town you live in. Day you prefer. I will confirm your date within a few days so we can start planning your p-ARTY. I'm so excited to see what you and your soul sisters create.