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Invite your friends over for a few hours of fun and shopping all from the comfort of your home. No need to spruce everything up after all these are your hot mess friends and they love you. 

You supply the beverage of choice (red is my fav) add in a few snacky snacks and I'll do the rest.

This is not a salesy pitch evening. Don't get me wrong I want to sell my designs but more than anything I want you to have fun....which will in turn make it fun for me too. A win for everyone.

You love my designs and I bet your friends will too! .........and who doesn't like to support local artists?

As the the head party gal you get some extra lovin'. As a THANK YOU for inviting me into your home and introducing me to your inner circle of friends you receive a MY TRIBE friendship box full of lots of love plus you and your friends receive 20% off orders over $100.

Yay!!! Party time!


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