Connecting with other like minded women helps to feed your soul and ground your spirit. I'm a INFJ one of the most rarest personality types in the world. Staying connected in one of the biggest challenges for me to do. I have a small group of friends that I keep close and love dearly. More than that I peace out. Large groups of people send me over the edge. I prefer small groups....and by that I mean one, only one other person than myself. 

I'm also highly sensitive to other peoples emotions which leaves me drained after being in a room with more that a handful of people. But, girlfriend I am totally in tuned when I'm sitting and chatting it up with one other person. I can talk, talk, talk.......and then talk some more. 

Even though I have one of the rarest personality types I also know there are more people out there just like me who struggle with connecting and staying connect with other humans.

Being human is hard and we live in a world where extroverts don't get us. We live in a world where if you're quiet then you must be shy or don't have anything of value to say. All I have to say about that is F**k off extroverts and stop asking me if "I'm okay". I have plenty to say but usually the convo is going on in my head.


Virtual coffee/wine chats for those nights/weekends where you REALLY don't want to leave the house and look at or listen to another human for the sake of your sanity. However, deep down you do long for some kind of human connection and that's where the virtual coffee/wine chats come in handy. You don't have to change out of your jammies (I rarely do on the weekends, I pretty much brush my teeth and maybe if I think about it I will run a comb through my hair), you don't need to shower (which I also rarely do on the weekends), you don't need a new just need your drink of choice, facetime or skype, and a few moments to a few hours (depending on how crazy our convo gets) to chit chat.

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