Leather Bands from the Onyx Feather for you and just about anybody who has a wrist and loves leather.

The Onyx Feather is rooted in nature and stones that make an impact on your life and body. My designs embrace nature and fill your soul. Here at The Onyx Feather we are focused on exploring natural choices for health and wellness. Join us in our journey to empower others and find all the natural ways to heal our body and soul.


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Looking for tips to help you get your health on track? Lifestyle choices that are realistic. I’ve got you covered and I follow and live by these same ideas. Learn about gemstones and essential oils and their healing properties. Using breathing techniques, gemstones, and essential oils to help you bring your roar to a calm.

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Meet the designer behind The Onyx Feather. There is a lot of time put into each of my designs. Starting with the inspiration....which comes at the weirdest times, and ending with the soul searching name for each piece. I put my heart and soul into each design and always made with LOVE. Meet with Tisa was my first LOVE then I rekindled my LOVE with jewelry design. 

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Wearing natural stones is a calming and sassy approach to your jewelry collections. The Onyx Feather designs are handcrafted with you in mind. Each stone is specially picked for its healing properties and its unique beauty.  Our mission is to design unique pieces that complements jewelry you already own and love.

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